Baby Blues Continues

2 to 6 players
Starting from 8 years
Time 30 to 45 minutes


This is an expansion for the game Baby Blues. This expansion adds 2 additional players to the game. There are also additional gaming elements that boost the game.

Action cards
During your turn you can also play action cards. Action card will for example make it possible to swap a baby of your own with a baby of your opponent or you can demand a card that your opponent must give to you if he holds it in his hand. The actions cards give you additional possibilities during your turn and add even more conflict to the game.

The sick baby
Oh no, one of the babies has eaten too much pie during a birthday party and feels nauseous. Can you give him his medicine in time? Of you don't succeed your baby will vomit and the baby to his left or right will get the full load and starts crying immediately.

A variant for 2 players
When you play the base game with 2 players the points at the back of the cards are useless and you can't trade cards with your opponent and this is a fun and important aspect of the game. Because of this we developped this variant. There are 3 doorbells that are shuffled in the draw pile. As soon as the thirth doorbell is drawn the game ends immediately and the players count their points. Also we added a closet to the game. In this closet there are always 5 cards. During your turn you can trade one card from your hand with one card from the closet. With additional action cards you can swap all cards in the closet or you can lock the closet for your opponent and yourself.

Baby Blues will be even more crazy with these 4 expansions that can be used together or seperately. This small box will boost your game a lot!

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  • Due to the strict regulations concerning child labour we unfortunately haven't been able to shoot the movie.



Some suggestions concerning the teddy bear trapped in your game box!

Teddybear 1: Play the red teddy bear above on of the babies of an opponent. If he can't give the green teddy bear to his baby during his next turn he will start crying and you can put the red teddy bear above the baby of an opponent. If you succeed in giving the green teddy bear to the baby you discart both the red and green teddy bear card.