Baby Cruise

3 to 6 players
Starting from 8 years
Time 30 minutes (or just 5 minutes for one round)
Author: Ally Steven Severi


Sun, sea, free drinks and slot machines! Welcome on board of the luxurious Baby Cruise. You take care of the kids... in het onboard casino... with a cocktail in your hand. Generously giving free drinks to other "responsible" parents.

The catch... every cocktail you offer increases the chances of trigging the jackpot, but if they drink too much there is also a chance they will get caught for being druk. The babies also interfere with your plans. All that chaos grants plenty of bluffing opportunities to snatch the jackpot for yourself.

Baby Cruise is a light game with simple rules. Each turn you only have to do one thing. You have to draw a card (cocktail) from the draw pile and give it to another player. This player may keep the card hidden from the other players and he'll play the next turn. If you collect at any time 3 identical jackpot symbols, you win the round. Memorizing who has received which card is recommended, but the group will also help you with their advice (but can you trust them?).

The cards you give to the other players contain a baby or a jackpot. When you give a jackpot you also give the player an additional chance to win the round, because this player won't only win when he collects 3 identical symbols, but also when he collects the symbols on his jackpot card. But for the player the jackpot card also is an additional risk because the chances he'll be caught drunk increase. When you pass on a baby card you can also activate the special action for the baby. When you give a police baby you can check if a player is drunk. This is the case when somebody drinks 3 identical cocktails. If this is the case the druk player loses the round. There are also other babies like the captain baby who forces somebody to play a card from their hand instead of the deck and the lucky baby who give you additional chances on winning the jackpot. The last baby is the shy baby that always needs to be passed on to the player with the least amount of cards.

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  • Due to the strict regulations concerning child labour we unfortunately haven't been able to shoot the movie.



When you play with young children don't use the characteristics of the babies and add them one by one after player a few games. This way the game is playable starting from 6 years old.