Who are Jumping turtle games?

We are a young company situated in Belgium dedicated to publishing quality board games for children and adults. We publish both known titles and new titles. Although we are proud of our better known titles such as Coconuts and Spyfall, we like to look into the future of board games. We try to assist new and upcoming authors make their first steps by offering them the chance to publish with us. This allows us to not only help those whom invent the game but allows us to introduce exciting new ideas to you our gaming public.

What can you expect from us?

Strong themes and plain Fun...and lots of it!
We currently cover the children's and family sector with our range of games. Our children's a games are educational, innovative and fun. Our family games aim at providing more prime time together with light to medium style games that everyone can enjoy.

We are always looking!

We are always searching for great games that we could publish. We love to hear from new designers who have given up with traditional larger publishers as much as we welcome established developers. Here at Jumping Turtle Games everyone is welcome and that allows us to open doors to offer game designers the chance of recognition and our ever growing fan base the opportunity to get great titles.

So is your game 'The one'?
There is only one way to find out! If your game has been tested to destruction (not just friends and family but also cold tests with strangers) email us with a short message and description of your concept. If possible attach a photo so we can get a feel for your idea. If we think it may fit in our current range we will contact you...who knows maybe you have our next top title!

The baby range

In 2015 we published Baby Blues, the first game in the baby range. In 2016 this title is followed by Baby Clues. We also have the title for 2017 ready, but we are still looking for new baby ideas. The games will always be published in the same box as Baby Blues. This would imply a maximum of 110 cards. If you keep the amount of cards below 55 it is also possible to add a few tokens or other small items. Do you have a good idea for the baby range? Then send us an email.