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    Get ready for Fast Shot

    We still didn't have a flicking game in our collection, but with Fast Shot this gap is filled. Fast Shot is a game for 2 players with 2 game modes. In the first you have to knock your 3 cylinders down by hitting them with your disc. Afterwards you'll have to score in the goal that is shared among the players. In the second game mode you first have to shoot your disc through the gates before you score. In the box we included 20 different setups (10 for each game mode).

    Because there is only one goal, it is also important you play a little bit tactical. Focus on your mission won't be enough. You'll also have to make sure your opponent doesn't score. You can position your disc to hinder your opponent, but you can also hit his disc or the goal to move it.

    We'll publish 2 different versions and only the colors will be different. With both sets it is possible to play with 4 players.

    Fast Shot recently arrived in our warehouse and will be presented at the Brussels Game Festival. Of course it will also be present in Essen.

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