Fast Shot

2 to 4 players (to play with 3 or 4 you need 2 different sets)
Starting from 6 years
Time 5 minutes per round
Author: Jurgen Spreutels
Illustrations: Jurgen Spreutels


Fast shot is an action/dexterity game for 2 players. Each player receives a disc and you win when you are the first one to shoot your disc in the goal.

But before you can score, you must complete your mission. There are 2 types of missions:
You have to hit 3 wooden cylinders. When the 3 cylinders in your color have fallen, you can try to score.
You have to follow a certain path indicated by the wooden cylinders. As soon as you have completed the path you can try to score.

Both players take turns shooting the disc in their color. You are allowed to hit the disc of the opponent and you can even hit the goal so it is moved on the table. This will also make it possible to hinder your opponent when he has a possibility to score.

There are two version available. In both version the game materials have different colors, but there are no other differences. Combine both sets to play up to four players. With 3 or 4 players you can use the same rules as the game with 2 players, but with 4 players you can also play in teams.




Don't limit yourself to the setups in the rules. Pick any setup you want! Also try to experiment with different playing fields and don't limit yourself to the playing table.