Did we disappear?

Poster by Tom at 6-7-2018
We already had a few people with the question we disappeared because our website didn't get any new updates. We didn't disappear and in fact we are extremely busy with our new realeases for 2018. We'll have 3 own productions and several licensed titles in the Dutch language. Normally we only release 2 games in a year and with probably 7 new titles in 2018 we underestimated the work a little bit. We only have 2 people working for Jumping Turtle Games and this caused delays in website updates and communication. We released updates through Facebook (our medium for gossip and quick news), but on our website we only publish news when everything is final and we know probable release dates. Everyting will be finalised soon and when we get word from the printer about timings we will publish an update with all the information concerning our new releases, so stay tuned! Meanwhile take a look on our Facebook page.

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