The Warp

Poster by Tom at 30-6-2019
We are happy to announce we partnered with Thomas Snauwaert for the further development of his board game "The Warp". We saw his prototype for the first time on the game convention “Spel 2018”. After playing the game we were impressed about the possibilities and variation the game has to offer. Also the negotiations with Thomas went smoothly. We noticed he had a realistic and modest approach that fits perfectly with our company. We already worked with Thomas behind the scenes for a couple of months, but now we are very happy to announce he is also a member of our growing Jumping Turtle Family!
In the current timeline we are hoping The Warp will be released on Kickstarting during 2020 with our goal to also give the game a life after the Kickstarter release. As a small publishing company we don’t have the funds needed to realize such a big production, so we are very happy we can use a platform like Kickstarter to give us a chance to collect the needed funds to give the game the release it deserves.
The Warp will also be present in Essen in his own booth so we can show the game for the first time to an International audience.

The Warp is a fast-paced 4X board game for 2 to 6 players. After 5 years of cataclysms and revolts, you take command of one of the remaining colonies on the forsaken planet Yortar. You can choose 2 of the 16 unique asymmetrical alien races and lead your colony along the path of prosperity, progress and/or conquest. You might even conquer the abandoned warp gate and find out who was behind the events that lead to the global catastrophe. On your journey you will face rival colonies, the unstable wastelands and exiled races with shifting allegiances.

The game features over 60 different missions, allowing players to choose their own playstyle. The core mechanisms incorporate area control, card/resource management and euro engine building. Next to a dynamic dice system, the combat system features bluffing and bribing mechanisms. The Warp also contains a team mode that can be played in 2vs2, 2vs2vs2 and 3vs3 setups.

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Eddy Sterckx
30-6-2019 12:46

De beschrijving klinkt als een game dat ons moet liggen - we komen dat zeker eens bekijken op Spiel

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