Baby Crews

Poster by Tom at 14-9-2019
We are happy to add a new game to our range of Baby themed games. The new game has been named Baby Crews.

In Baby Crews, your goal is to gather a crew for your pirate ship. You will score well with a highly specialized crew (all of the same type) or a very varied crew (all different types).

Baby Crews uses a fast bidding system where you have to pay a coin every time it is your turn. If you don't do this, you can take everything that has already been paid, but then you are out of the round. The player who stays in the round the longest, may recruit a new crew member. Or you can immediately take a treasure chest if one is available. After that, the other cards in the offer are removed from the game and the crew members are quite scarce ...

The game also contains an advanced variant where you can also use the icons on the cards to give the game an extra dimension.

Alternative rules have also been added that can be used starting from 5 years old. So if the younger ones are a bit jealous and also want to play with those cute babies, that is perfectly possible!

With Baby Crews, we are adding a new Belgian author to our growing list of game authors. The game is made by Eddy Sterckx and was illustrated by Ally Steven Severi. It is a game from 8 years old (5 years for the variant) for 2 to 5 players that plays in 20 to 30 minutes.

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