"Un Top à LudiGaume car ce jeu m'amuse lors de chaque partie et s'anime sans peine. Ambiance et amusement garantit pour un moment sans prise de tête."


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"Baby Blues tovert een lach op het gelaat van elke medespeler. Dat begint al bij de uitleg en zet zich tijdens het verdere verloop van het spel helemaal door."

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"Baby Blues is a mean game. It is simple, fast and will be played by men and women likewise. To my astonishment we all liked the game. I can't even say exactly why. Maybe it is because we all had our experiences with crying babies, maybe it is because it is brilliant suitable for giving your friends a wipe."

Kulkmann G@mebox

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These files are available for download:

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Some variants you could consider...

Teddybear 1

While playtesting you could solve any problem with the teddy bear, but only for one turn! If you have a nervous baby, play the teddybear below it. At the start of the next turn you have to discart the teddybear and try to solve the problem.

Teddybear 2

Give the teddybear to a crying baby so he is happy again. The babies left and right from the baby with the teddybear are now jealous and start crying immediately. This could also result in a baby of your neighbour who starts crying (the same as with the horn). We suggest only using 2 of the 4 teddybears, but you bought the game, so you decide!

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